• Hard Working Electrolytes

    Built in the Lab, Tested in Real LIfe.
  • Hard Working Electrolytes

    Built in the Lab. Tested in Real Life.
  • Hard Working Electrolytes

    Built in the lab, tested in real life.

As Seen In:

  • Natural Boost, Zero Caffeine

    Need a lift? Brode Electrolyte Vitamin has 5 electrolytes and 9 boosting vitamins. Take with whatever drink you want for a hydrating energy boost.

  • Steal the bartender's secret

    Bartenders use Brode Electrolyte Vitamins to stay hydrated and on top of their game all night long.

  • Road warriors rejoice

    Brode Electrolyte Vitamin has been used for years by travelers to reduce dehydration, fatigue, and jet lag.

Real LIfe Results

  • Simply put, it is. After a night out or if you need a boost, grab a pack and know that you are in good hands. The fact that is a natural, not funny looking, goes down easy and guarantees a great next day, I am a supporter and will only sing praises.

    Mark M.

  • I work a very physical job, like sweating during a New York winter, physical. For years my day started with a half liter of these convenience store electrolyte beverages, but the sugar crash and heartburn really made it not worth it. A friend recommended Brode and now I take them with my multi-vitamins every morning - truly a miracle in pill form. No nasty taste, side-effect free hydration all day. And who doesn't enjoy a couple beers after work? Now I can enjoy a few more, hangover free. Now how can I get my hands on a case!? Thanks Brode!

    Jesse W.

  • I take one Brode on short flights (domestic) and two, spaced 7 hours apart on international flights. I feel so much better when I land - even though I got plenty of water previously, Brode makes the difference between being well hydrated and pretty beat up on a long flight.

    Jason K.

  • Boost without the jitters

    Coffee is great, but too much caffeine can give you jitters. Brode Electrolyte Vitamin has naturally boosting B-Vitamins and 5 electrolytes to keep you going.