Why Brode Electrolyte Vitamin?

How is Brode different than a sports drink?

Brode EV has no sugar, sweeteners, or artificial flavors. Because Brode EV is an easily-swallowable tablet (like a multivitamin) we don't need to add anything to mask the flavor.

Can I really take Brode EV with any drink?

Yes, you can. Because Brode EV is a neutral-flavored tablet, you can easily swallow it with any drink, without changing the flavor of what you are drinking.

Is Brode EV really effective?

Brode Electrolyte Vitamin is a re-invention of hydration science that has been pioneered over the last four decades. It is highly effective at supporting proper hydration with it's balanced matrix of electrolytes, which is modeled after the same formulas used in hospitals for dehydration.

What about those "Vitamins in Water" drinks? They have electrolytes, right?

Vitaminwater, which advertises as having electrolytes, doesn't even have the most important electrolyte of all: sodium. That's why you never see serious athletes drinking it, and Vitaminwater was disciplined by the UK for falsely claiming that the drink was "healthy" when it was highly sugary.


What is the Brode ingredient list? Is Brode FDA approved?

Here is the ingredients label. All ingredients are approved by the FDA as commonly recognized as safe, and Brode is produced in a GMP compliant facility.

How do you prevent contamination?

The factory that produces Brode Electrolyte Vitamin uses all industry standard techniques for cleanliness, blending, and pressing. In addition, Brode Electrolyte Vitamin is tested at the factory and tested independently at a commercial laboratory in California for microbial and heavy metal contaminants.

I read bad things about vitamins. Why can I trust Brode Electrolyte Vitamin?

Brode Electrolyte Vitamin is not an herbal vitamin (like ginkgo or St. John's Wort). Brode EV is a mineral vitamin. Herbal vitamins are the ones that have been making the news for improper ingredients and contamination. Herbal vitamins are harder to verify, process, and keep safe. So not only does Brode EV take every step to ensure safety, our formula is much less susceptible to contamination.

Any cautions for usage of Brode?

Here’s the standard jargon: We recommend not to exceed taking 4 Brode tablets in any 24-hour period. If you have any special medical conditions, such as pregnancy or a sensitivity to electrolytes like sodium, consult your doctor before taking Brode. Do not take Brode if you are already dehydrated. For that reason, if you are taking Brode while drinking alcohol, use caution if you take Brode at the end of your evening, as you may already be dehydrated. If you are dehydrated, have a glass or two of water first, then take a Brode. Some people are sensitive to vitamins on an empty stomach. Do not take Brode on an empty stomach. If you take Brode while drinking alcohol, always drink responsibly.


Does Brode prevent drunkenness?

No, of course it doesn’t. Brode supports your body and brain to maintain proper hydration, it doesn’t make you not drunk. And Brode will absolutely not prevent alcohol poisoning. Don’t be an idiot. Yet some people report that Brode does make them feel better while drinking, which is likely a result of the special formula of vitamins. It’s not that you are less drunk, you just may feel less like crap.

I always drink water after drinking. Isn’t that enough?

If just drinking water prevented hangovers, then hangovers wouldn’t be a problem now would they? Drinking water is a good thing, of course, but alcohol dehydration is caused by the powerful diuretic properties of alcohol, and the way to support against that is with Brode, because otherwise “water in” just becomes “water out”.


How does air travel cause dehydration?

Nearly all airplanes are made from metals which are susceptible to corrosion in the presence of humidity. To prevent this, airplanes are kept at a very low relative humidity—lower even than a desert. In the presence of electrolytes, your body will hold onto water to maintain it’s proper balance. Brode has those electrolytes and vitamins to help with that fresh feeling.

Athletics & Activity

Can Brode replace a sports drink?

Drinking water without electrolytes can cause bad cramping. Brode turns water into a high-performance hydration tonic. We recommend to throw a few pouches in your sports bag so you always have Brode on hand. If you ever drink water and notice a feeling like it is “sitting” in your tummy, it can be a symptom that you need electrolytes. Enter Brode.