Bag of Brodes (10 pouch pack)

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  • More electrolytes than Gatorade.
  • Less sugar than Pedialyte.
  • Easy, anywhere convenience.
  • Neutral-flavored tablet can be taken with any drink.
  • All natural.
  • All 5 critical electrolytes and 9 boosting vitamins.
  • No sugar, sweeteners, or caffeine.

10 packs for yourself and to share. Backed by our 125% return policy.


Customer Reviews

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These Are Awesome!

I take them whenever I am feeling less than hydrated and they have saved my life. I get them monthly now and wouldn't know what to do without them.

Sarah T.
Brode - Awkward Name, Great Product

I have been taking Brode for a few years now and I DREAD my nights out when I have left my Brode at home. I usually stash it at work and every purse I have so I am never left without it. This is not a miracle pill that will make you feel 100% after drinking two bottles of wine by yourself. NO OBVIOUSLY NOT. This will mean the difference between calling in "sick" and making it to work and feeling 70% instead of 20%. Do yourself a favor and try this...don't forget to drink water!

No more Hangovers!

Brodes worked great for reducing hangovers the next day. I would take a packet of 2 pills before I start drinking and I wake up feeling much better than if i haven't taken them. I gave them to a friend to try and he was shocked how good he was feeling the next day. I definitely will keep using them before nights out.

Jacob M.
Brode is amazing!

My wife and I took a recent trip to Europe. Brode was our life saver! It helped with jet lag and our long nights out. We are firm believers in Brode!

Julie V.

I bought Brode's originally for a cruise I was taking. It was a weekend cruise with unlimited drink package. I took a Brode each time I started drinking and a whole day drinking, in the sun, I was set! No hangover, no feeling groggy, it was like I never drank. It was so great. Later, I came back from my vacation and was exercising on a very hot day. I was feeling weak and tired after my workout. I took a Brode, as recommended, and I felt better within 45 minutes! I would recommend this for anyone wanting a pick-me-up after abuse to the body.