Case of Brodes (100 pouch case)

Got a party? Or are you just ridiculously active? Buy 100 Brode pouches at one time. This is the best deal that we’ve got.

Each pouch contains 2 vitamin tablets, and can be easily stashed and taken with you in any pocket or bag. 

Customer Reviews

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Shirley Mitchell
Good stuff!!

I'm a big fan. These little pills really do help. And the Brode guys are a great company. 5 stars!


Helps me focus, give me energy, I don't hurt. No headaches. I take them every day


These are amazing! You will feel great!!

Timothy Kotora
Outstanding Product and Excellent Service

Our “testimonial”: My wife used to have leg cramps during the night that would wake her and often require her to get up and walk around. I also had some nighttime leg cramps but not as severe. Now that we one Brode each evening, we no longer have leg cramps.

We also use Brode for hydration help when working in the yard or walking or biking in the Tennessee summer heat. Do not feel that drained, dehydrated feeling I used to have when mowing or exercising. Also helps when having a bit too much wine. If you exercise, work in the heat and humidity, consume alcoholic beverages, you should use Brode. Game changer.

Came because of a Star Trek Podcast, Stayed because of the hangover cure

Can't say enough great things about Brode. A nerdy podcast I listen to would not stop talking about it during their episodes where they have to get drunk, and decided to finally give it a try. This stuff works wonders for preventing hangovers! I'm 36 year old socialite, but I pay the price in the morning. Or at least I used to. Take it with your first or second drink, and you'll be feeling just fine the next day! Hell, even when I forget to take it until 3am, it still eases those shakes and the feeling of wanting to die the next morning! a packet of these & a little whataburger for breakfast, and you're right as rain.

We've gone through 2 cases already -- we hand them out to friends all the time, and they swear by them now too -- and just bought another 2 cases so we can be ready for summer parties. Start off with a 10 pack if you want, but I guarantee you'll be glad you have a case of 100 if you're going out regularly on the weekends.