August Kiva: Selling Clothes in Rwanda

August 26, 2015

August's Brode Kiva loan goes to Dukundane Sub Group B, from Rwanda

In Rwanda, which is not inundated with chain stores, or even enough local shops, there is a large opportunity for small entrepreneurs to buy and sell items to provide for their communities. The Dukundane Group is one such set of people. 

[From left: Haruna, Francoise, Epiphanie, Jean Damascene]

Dukundane, which means "love each other" in their home language, is led by the thirty-year-old Epiphanie, who herself has two children. The group predominantly purchases clothes to resell to community members. They use the proceeds to pay for education and medical insurance. 

Rwanda, which has had tragic episodes of civil strife in previous decades, sits between Congo on the West, Uganda on the north, and Tanzania and Burundi on the south and east. 

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