Meet Tadevos: Our First $100 Kiva Microloan

March 12, 2015 is an amazing organization. They provide microloans to people all around the world so that people can be empowered to improve their lives. And this is no "empowered" in some cliché way. By providing hard-working people everywhere with funding, we can "teach a person to fish", helping to break poverty cycles in ways that traditional aid has not always done. 

Brode is very proud to have finally created our account and financed our first $100 microloan. Every month, we will add $100 to our Kiva account and finance a new microloan for someone. 


March 2015: Meet Tadevos the baker

Tadevos is from Armenia, which is east of Turkey, north of Iran, south of Georgia, and west of Azerbaijan. He runs a bakery and is the sole breadwinner for his mother who lives with him. His loan is going toward purchasing ingredients and supplies for his bakery so that he can increase the amount that he can sell to local establishments. We haven't had Armenian cookies and pastries before, but if they are anything like Turkish pastries, they are delicious!

We're super pumped to add our $100 contribution to Tadevos's $2100 loan. 

Please consider also supporting him on!

Here's some info from Kiva's Tadevos loan page on Armenia: