10 Best Responses to Brode Drug Jokes

July 24, 2014

Sharing Brode Electrolyte Vitamins with your friends is the right thing to do. Every time that someone tells me (Marc here) that they were hungover a small part of me dies inside. (It grows back.) So obviously I like to share Brode and spread the word.

But there is something inherently amusing to people when you offer them vitamins. If I had a nickel for every drug joke that some made... So while Brode is not coke, or ecstasy, or meth, it is an opportunity for a trite joke. Here are some responses.

You would have to pay for that.

That was the old stuff. Omar stole it.

It's actually a little bit of everything.

Yes. Yes it is.

[Silence. Wink]

No, it's totally cool. I bought it online.

Please Please don't snort Brode. I'm serious.

I'm giving you pills at a bar. This isn't shady at all.

I hope not. I got them from your mom.

Who cares? They help hangovers.

And that's 10. Add yours to the comments.