Summer Beer Reviews

August 22, 2012

A week back, John and I spent a few minutes to try some summer beers and banter about it. Watch the video to see our take on our mystery summer beers!    


We tried:
  • Sierra Nevada Summer Fest
  • Harpoon Summer Beer
  • Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale
  • Newcastle Summer Ale

Gold Medal: Sierra Nevada Summer Fest We thought this one had a great combination of hops and malts. The hops providing the bite and the malts the sweetness. It is very much the lighter version of their Pale Ale, which is a solid beer itself.

Silver Medal: Harpoon Summer Beer The Harpoon Summer Beer was the lightest beer that we tried, but very enjoyable just the same. It had less of a bite but was easy drinking and the best for the really hot days.

Bronze Medal: Brooklyn Summer Ale A good beer in its own right, the Brooklyn Summer Ale was less hoppy than the Sierra Nevada but darker than the Harpoon. Not our favorite Brooklyn beer, but a solid offering.

Honorable Mention: Newcastle Summer Ale We were a bit disappointed with the Newcastle Summer Ale, although maybe we should have been less surprised. We were expecting it to taste more in line with its American counterparts, but it had a distinct English Ale flavor to it, which, to our tastes, is a bit funky. If you love English Ales, though, you could enjoy this one.